Blockchain is a rapidly emerging technology and has the potential to bring transformative changes to many industries. As more companies become aware of and study this technology, many questions arise. These questions relate to what blockchain technology is, how it works and what about it is so different. Blockchain is often associated with the financial services industry, but it is applicable to all industries. Many people in the life sciences industry have been asking if blockchain is relevant to them and, if so, how is it applicable? This paper addresses these and other frequently asked questions about blockchain technology and its applicability to the life sciences.

1. Is blockchain technology relevant to life sciences?
2. What is blockchain technology?
3. What are smart contracts?
4. What are crypto currencies and tokens?
5. What is the Internet of Things (IoT)
6. What are some of the key advantages of blockchain technology?
7. How can blockchain technology be used with the drug supply chain?
8. What role can IoT play in Blockchain?
9. How can blockchain technology be used in clinical trials?
10. What are some legal issues to consider with life sciences use of blockchain technology?

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