Sheppard Mullin is pleased to announce the launch of The Legit Ledger, a new podcast hosted by Sheppard Mullin’s Blockchain and Fintech industry team members (including partners Jim Gatto, Yasamin Parsafar, and associate Gabe Khoury) that focuses on blockchain-related legal issues and practical tips for keeping things legit. Various episodes of The Legit Ledger will feature interviews with a thought leader from the blockchain industry, including CEOs, leading attorneys, financial advisors, and technology professionals who have hands-on experience with this complex and evolving area of the law.

“The Legit Ledger is an innovative combination of legal analysis and practical advice from blockchain industry professionals on how to keep new technology solutions and business models legit,” said Blockchain and Fintech industry team leader Jim Gatto. “We will cover a range of topics related to blockchain technology and its many uses, including the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency, DAOs and other Web3 legal issues. ”

The Legit Ledger, available at and on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other leading podcast platforms, launched with three episodes:

  • Episode 1Intellectual Property Consideration for Licensing NFTs with Jim Gatto and Yasamin Parsafar. In this inaugural episode, Jim Gatto and Yasamin Parsafar address the various intellectual property considerations for licensing digital assets related to NFTs, including the specific rights that may be granted and structuring the licensing agreement to clearly and accurately reflect the rights being granted.
  • Episode 2The Current State of NFT Regulation with Jim Gatto and Gabe Khoury. In the second episode, Jim Gatto and Gabe Khoury discuss various regulatory considerations of which NFT market participants should be aware, including guidance and enforcement actions issued by the SEC, FinCEN, OFAC, plus gambling law implications, and more.
  • Episode 3Licensing Considerations for NFT Creators and Owners with Jim Gatto and Gabe Khoury. In the third episode, Jim Gatto and Gabe Khoury revisit NFT Licenses by discussing practical considerations for NFT issuers when considering commercial vs. non-commercial licenses and how NFT owners can leverage their rights.

In upcoming issues, we plan to cover: Cryptocurrency sanctions, Blockchain games, Blockchain and Real Estate, Music NFTs, and more.

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